The Cadets Programme for teens age 13-16

Age Range

In this category we have teens age 13-16. If you are younger or older you need to select our other age categories. This age range is part of our Cadet Programme. This is a very important age category to get active. We would like to encourage all those in this category to come and try fencing out. It is fun, it is safe, it is sociable and you will get to keep fit, stay active and learn a cool sport for life.

Infact, this is the perfect time to start learning fencing or a new sport. By the time you get to university, you will be good at it and you will have a much better social life at university. This is very important for you to settle into a new environment.


If you click on the session finder you will have information on the sessions available and the different levels. The best session to start at is our session for teens on Friday evening 7-8pm. However if you are older teen, or if you are taller or stronger, you could choose to join our adult sessions. If you are not sure, just try both.

Grading System

We have a special grading system for beginners which allows new teens to progress and celebrate their achievement. Also if you are taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh national award system, you can use your fencing sessions to achieve your grading.

Boys & Girls

We have a great mix of boys and girls. Both learn in a happy and safe environment. We are one of the only clubs with a high ratio of female coaches which encourages participation of boys and girls. In fact we have a very strong Boys and a very strong girls team with fencers on the GB Team. We are one of the top successful clubs in the country. So this is a great place to learn fencing, weather you would like to enjoy it for fun, for fitness or for competition.


Teens can join our famous day camps. These are available three times a year on Saturday. It willl give them a great boost. Teens can also join our annual summer camp. This year would be our 18th year running this camp successfully.

Mini Competitions

Competitions are a great motivation to continue their progress. Three times a year teens have the chance to join our fun and simple format competition. It is an exciting day with everyone competing in two different age-groups:

Under 14, Under 16

Once you are more competent you can join national ranking events in your age category. Many of our fencers are at the top of the national ranking.